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Empower your Children with
Parent-Controlled Sex Education

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Open Chapters Needs Funding

The urgency for comprehensive sex education in America cannot be overstated. Studies highlight substantial gaps in understanding and communication in our education systems – gaps that Open Chapters is committed to bridging. Your contribution is more than just a donation; it's an investment in a safer, more informed future for every child.


Interested in making a difference? Contact us to discover how your support can contribute to this vital social impact initiative.


As parents, our role is pivotal in guiding our children to grow up safe, informed, and empowered.

Open Chapters offers a specially curated collection of animated lessons focusing on sex education, meticulously crafted by parents for parents.


It's time to take charge of the narrative and ensure your child is educated from a source you can trust.



In today's digital age, kids often find information about sex from sources like pornography sites, social media, peers, and even school. The nature and influence of this content can be perplexing and its potential impact, often remains an enigma for parents.

With Open Chapters, we aim to place you firmly back in the driver's seat of your child's sexual education journey.

American Psychological Association

"Pornography can perpetuate unrealistic expectations and unhealthy behaviors in adolescents."

Guttmacher Institute

"41 States do not require sex education to be culturally appropriate and unbiased."

Journal of the American Medical Association

"Only 27% of teens report having discussions with their parents on saying no to sex.”

Our animations are designed specifically for your children

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